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Frequently Asked Questions About Blinds & Shades

Energy Efficiency / Sun Protection:

What products do you have that help keep out the heat/sun in the summer and/or the cold drafts in the winter?

All of our products have energy efficiency properties and some are better than others.

I need something to block the sun from fading my furniture and other interior items. What do you suggest?

Shades are a great option for preventing UV damage to your interiors. Our blinds are also just as effective as long as they are in the closed position during hours when the sun is strong.

What options do you have for blocking the glare from the sun but that still allows for a view?

All of Blinds First's products have unique advantages when the objective is maintaining the view. Sun Sheers collections in Roller Shades block sun as well as maintain the view when open.

What is the best product and mount for optimal light blockage?

The best product to block out sun would be our light blocking Honeycomb Shades. We also strongly recommend an outside mount to avoid any light gaps that may be present with an inside mounted shade. .

What is the difference between your 1 percent and 5 percent Sun Sheers?

The percentage indicates the tightness of the weave, the lower the number the tighter the weave or amount of open space in the fabric.

Product Specific Recommendations:

I don't like Vertical Blinds. What are my other options for covering a sliding glass or patio door?

There are alternatives to Verticals, although some of the new fabrics that are offered really do look great! You can try butting two treatments together or ordering a two-on-one honeycomb shade to cover the slider.

What do you recommended for a bay window?

The products that work well for a bay window are wood blinds and honeycomb shades. Please see the illustration on how to measure for 'butting' headrails.


How long will I have to wait for my blinds to be shipped after I place my order?

When you place your order by 4PM EST Monday-Thursday your blinds or shades will be on the dock ready to ship the NEXT DAY. Orders placed by 4PM on Friday will be shipped the following Monday. Orders placed after 4PM Friday-Sunday will be shipped the following Tuesday. All or our products ship ground so please allow 1-5 days in transit. If you are interested in having your product overnighted we can do so for an extra shipping charge.

Installation & Maintenance:

My windows have minimal depth, but I prefer an inside mount. What options do I have, or if I have to do an outside mount, what products won't project out too far?

Our 3/8" Honeycomb Shades are the best option for a shallow recess since they can be fitted with our special swivel brackets that mount into recessions of 1/2".

I want to do the install myself; how do I take the appropriate measurements?

Easy. Just watch our blinds installation videos.

How do you clean the product?

Please see our recommended cleaning and maintenance charts.

How should I measure for French Doors?

It is imperative that you clear the glass when installing brackets so we recommend adding 1" to the width on either side of the glass and 3" to the height.

What is a '2 on 1 headrail' on a wood blind?

A 2 on 1 headrail is a blind configuration. Two separate functioning blinds on one continuous head-rail with about 1/8" gap in between. We recommend this application for larger widths to have greater functionality and to avoid any warping that may occur to wood slats on widths over 65". A 3 on 1 headrail for bay windows is also available.

Why do you recommend outside mounts for standard roller shades?

Roller shades have the greatest deduction taken from the width of the fabric due to the operating system. The roller shade fabrics are trimmed 1 3/8" narrower than the width you order creating small light gaps on either side. For this reason we strongly recommend a full outside mount.


Can you see through the Honeycomb Shades at night?

All of our Honeycomb Shades are 'private'. The most that anyone could see when a Honeycomb shade is covering the window completely would be a silhouette of a person if they are standing about a foot away from the shade and the light is shining from behind them.

What type of products are best for child safety?

The CPSC recommends cordless products for all homes with small children.

How do I contact a Blinds First service expert?

Our service experts are available Monday - Friday, from 9am - 5pm, to help you with any questions you may have. Reach us by phone 888-553-3811 or email.

Return Policy:

What is the Blinds First return policy?

At Blinds First, we want you to feel confident in your measurements before placing your order. That's why we have a guaranteed fit policy. Blinds First provides measuring videos for both inside and outside mounted products and we stand behind our commitment in product quality as well as service. So, if you are not completely satisfied, contact us and we will make every effort to correct the problem. If we cannot do this, we will authorize a return and provide you with shipping instructions for a complete refund. Read more.

Which products are guaranteed?

Everything we sell on the site. If you made an error, give us a call and we'll send out a new blind (only one remake per item). We won't even ask for the old blind to be shipped back.

What's NOT covered?

If the new blind or shade is a larger increment and costs more than the one that was previously ordered the customer is responsible for the price difference.

Can I change the type of material or product?

No, the new blind must be simply a remake of the existing blind or shade that is being replaced.


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